Chips for Change Application

Chips for Change - application

In a nutshell, Chips for Change works like this:

If you are a community group in the Brunswick area and you feel that your chips are down, then we want to hear from you. We are introducing our Chips for Change program, which will provide community groups who need a little help with a financial boost.

What makes Chips for Change so great is that it is the local community – the wonderful customers of Barkly Square – who vote and decide who receives financial assistance. It really is a case of the community helping the community and allows people to have a say in what really matters to them.

It doesn’t matter how crazy or conservative, batty or boring your needs are – if what you’re doing creates positive change and benefits the community, then you’re in with a shot.

• The group who receives the most votes will receive $2,000.00

• The group who receives the 2nd most votes will receives $1000.00

• The group who receives the 3rd most votes receives $500.00

To get things started, here’s what we need to know: