How it works


As locals you come to us when you need to feed your family or when you need supplies for sick children; when you have to buy a special present for a loved one or when they simply want to treat  yourself or your family to a sit down meal.

We are grateful for all that the local community gives so much to us we’re ready to chip in to help however we can and give something back.

Barkly Square invites local groups to apply for funding to assist with a community-based project.  It doesn’t matter how crazy or conservative, batty or boring the community program is – if it benefits locals then the campaign is in with a shot at being part of the program.

In a nutshell, Chips for Change will provide local community groups who need a bit of help with a financial boost. 

A panel will review all the applications and decide what three groups will be eligible to take part.

This is when the chips fall into your hands.

When shopping at any speciality store at Barkly Square during the promotional period you be given the opportunity to vote for your favourite group and help determine who receives the most financial assistance via a chip that you will receive in store. With this chip, you can cast their vote in the Chips for Change boxes, each box corresponds to a participating group. You’ll find these boxes in the fresh food precinct.

1st place – $2,000

2nd place – $1,000

3rd place – $500

At the end of the campaign the chips in each box will be tallied.