Community Groups


Take a look at some of the local groups that have been involved in Chips for Change and how they have benefited. 

The Marist Youth Centre

Marist Youth Care is a charity organisation with over 100 years’ experience working with young people most at risk in the community.

The funds raised were used to contribute to the longevity and sustainability of the Employment Program, with the hope of creating an economically viable social enterprise.

The Collingwood Toy Library

The Collingwood Toy Library is a not-for-profit community managed organisation that provides a toy lending service to families with young children under six.  

The funds enabled The Toy Library to significantly expand their range of bilingual games and enhance the service they offer to the community. 

West Coburg Softball Club

West Coburg Softball Club is a non-profit organization that provides great opportunities for friends and families to be involved in a team sport and make great new friends. 

The West Coburg Softball Club knows how expensive it can get if you have two or more children wanting to play a sport and try to keep these costs down. The funds were used to provide each registered child with full uniform and a glove.

Clifton Hill Primary School

Clifton Hill Primary School is a government school that has a 140-year history of service to the local community. Students are taught the value of inclusiveness, developing tolerance, kindness and acceptance, and delighting in the diversity of our community.

Their prize contributed to the introduction of a pottery program. This will provide creative expression and motor skill dexterity for students. 

Lost Dogs Home

Founded in 1910 and located in North Melbourne, The Lost Dogs’ Home was originally established to provide a temporary home for Melbourne’s lost and starving dogs.

Today, The Lost Dogs’ Home cares for over 31,000 dogs and cats every year and is Australia’s largest animal shelter. 

Their prize was put towards their Behavior Rehabilitation Program – In this program the Home’s shelter staff work with unclaimed dogs that have unsocial behaviors, or are in need of obedience training to prepare them for adoption. 

Brunswick Tool Library

The Tool Library is a local not-for-profit group that make available a wide range of tools to the community for a small yearly subscription fee of $60 ($40 for concession holders). In addition, they run workshops teaching skills such as making tables to sharpening tools.

Funds raised were put towards purchasing new tools, as well as the repair of some of broken items.