Introducing Bobby & The Pins to The Laneway, Brunswick Music Festival

  • Bobbyandthepins

We re delighted to introduce Bobby & The Pins to Barkly Square on Sunday, 1st March 2015 to take part in the Brunswick Music Festival, Live at The Laneway.

The group will be performing at 2pm so be sure to come and check them out.

We spoke with the band so get some exclusive information for our Barkly Square shoppers.

Can you tell us how you started your musical career? Has this always been a passion of yours?

We have all been singing since we were knee high to a grasshopper and were fairly prolific on the choir scene. Unsure if we could get any cooler, we decided to start the group to combine our love of a capella singing and vintage culture.  

What does the future hold for your musical career?

More touring and recording an album. In March we’ll be visiting Port Fairy Folk Festival and Castlemaine State Festival, so we’re getting around! One of these days we’ll organise a US tour and see if we can cut our teeth in the homeland of the music we love to sing.  

Who would you consider to be your biggest fan?

Our parents. And other gorgeous friends and new friends we have collected over the years who also get super excited about what we do. It’s a very light and silly art form, we reckon that people enjoy the chance to revel in ridiculousness for a spell.  

Where can we find you on a typical Sunday morning?

Each of us is different! Bobby Blue, probably hungover but still barrelling around causing trouble. Bobby Rae is likely to wake early and be efficient for the day. Polar opposites all around.  

Where did you grow up and where would you love to live?

Various locations: country towns, Scotland, different Australian cities, etc. We are exactly where we would love to live, we’ve all moved here and find the art and music scene to be exactly our cup of tea.  

If you could sing only one song for the rest of your life, what would it be?

We all have different opinions on this, often we have a song that one member will HATE with a passion and others will love. I think the one we can all agree on is Alexander’s Ragtime Band. It’s an uptempo ditty, you cannot go wrong with an uptempo ditty.  

What’s a song that reminds you of your parents?

All of the songs we sing were big when our parents were young! All of them.  

If you weren’t musically inclined what would you do for a crust?

We all have various careers related to our performing lives already, so we’re pretty set. We have a performing arts teacher, an actor, an arts communications professional and we often work with professional performers, singing teachers – a whole spread of amazing jobs.  

If you could exist as an animal for one day only, which would it be and why?

Four lobsters with a penchant for intepretive dance.  

Does what happens on tour always stay on tour?

No it goes directly into our show script and gets turned into a joke. The line between truth and fiction is a fine one for us…  

Describe your most memorable “rock star” moment?

Being in a green room that had a full range of teas available. That was a special gig.

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