Introducing Trio Agogo to Live at The Laneway, Brunswick Music Festival

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Barkly Square welcomes Trio Agogo to Live at The Laneway during the Brunswick Music Festival Street Party.

We took some time to get to know the band before their performance on 1st March at 4pm, here what they had to say!

What does the future hold for your musical career?

Jumping on a plane next week to be the first Australians ever to play the Zihuatenejo International Guitar Festival in Mexico.

Song that reminds you of your parents?

Take five by Dave Brubeck

Who would you consider to be your biggest fan?

There are a lot of Brazilians in Melbourne who really appreciate having an authentic Choro/Samba band in town.

Does what happens on tour always stay on tour?

Of course not, how else are you supposed to get a reputation as a wild party band unless you leek the details.

Has ‘itunes’ changed the music industry for better or worse?

Mmmmmmmm, is this an Apple questionnaire?….not having to rummage through lots of CD’s is handy.

Where do you like to spend your summers?

Melbourne is quite cool, lots of the annoying people go away…….. not that humans are annoying ever.

Click HERE for the Live at The Laneway full program