Live at The Laneway – Rohan Clark

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Meet Rohan Clark, one of our friendly buskers who performs in our Live at The Laneway busking program. Get to know Rohan with a brief interview below.

Hi Rohan, tell us a bit about yourself and your background in music?

I love to play music. I have formally studied the Classical Guitar and have been working around Melbourne on and off for years. But, I couldn’t be satisfied with just one instrument.

That’s why you might see me playing the cello, and more recently the violin.

What do you love about busking?

I love busking because if you’re not selling out Rod Laver Arena just yet, you can still have an audience, you just have to go to them.

Obviously busking is one way musicians can support themselves financially, that is a very tangible benefit. But also of benefit is finding out what people like to hear. This I feel, is very important to a musician in the making.

The thing I like most about busking is seeing people enjoy a piece of music for the first time. It helps me remember what it’s all about. If someone walks away smiling, it’s a job well done!

Can you tell us about your musical style and influences?

On the guitar I like playing music from the Renaissance and Baroque periods. I also enjoy playing the Classical Guitar Favourites. Playing the Cello and Violin also means I have many composers to choose from.

So on any particular day you may hear music from the following composers; Albeniz, Bach, Beethoven, Boccherini, Carcassi, Dowland, Giuliani, Handel, Lauro, Llobet, Scarlatti, Sor, Telemann, Terrega, Torroba, Mozart, Schubert, Schumann, Vivaldi, Villa-Lobos.

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