Michelle Brady of Sow n Sow

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After steadily working hard towards a career in media and communications, it dawned upon Michelle Brady that whilst she loved – and was successful – at what she did, it was a path that was not fulfilling her creative ambitions. “I sought something more tactile and independent”, she explains. Despite toying with the idea initially, Michelle brought together her background in media and branding with her love for gardening to create Sow n Sow.

Sow n Sow operates out of a small studio space in Fitzroy North, where packets of seeds are cleverly combined with greeting card packaging to form a gift that grows. Michelle’s green thumb, developed whilst she was living in London, has played a huge role in the development of her business. She recalls the sense of joy she experienced from growing plants from seed as well developing an understanding for the time and effort involved.  “The process is all-consuming”, explains Michelle, “so it’s fulfilling when the plant flowers or you are able to use the herbs in the kitchen”.

Michelle aptly describes her seeds as the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are they a teaching tool for experienced and novice gardeners alike, they also bare significance. “A lot of meaning can be linked to the growth of plants”, Michelle explains. Sow n Sow is in many ways a tribute, both to the commemoration of life as well as Michelle’s deep appreciation of slow living.

In Melbourne:

You should…have a dance at Open Studio in Northcote on a Friday evening.

The suburb that appeals to me is…Northcote; my home for 6 years before moving to Castlemaine (I miss it!)

On a Sunday you would find me…Ideally gardening or lazing about with friends in a garden.

My favourite building is…The Conservatory in Fitzroy Gradens; it is like a magical floral wonderland with different displays throughout the year.

You can keep up to date with Michelle via her instagram (@sownsow) and her Gift of Seeds can be purchased through her online shop www.sownsow.com.au.

Article and Photography by Lucy Amon of My Manifesto