Moreland Summer Show, The Counihan Gallery

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Fifty artists from the City of Moreland have assembled to “SPEAK OUT” in the annual Moreland Summer Show opening at the Counihan Gallery In Brunswick in November.

Each year artists are invited to respond to a theme through their art practice in creative and dynamic ways. This year the theme was simply nominated as “SPEAK OUT” in part acknowledging the spirit and outlook of artist and activist Noel Counihan, the gallery’s namesake and giving local contemporary artists the opportunity to voice their concerns.

Gallery Curator Victor Griss said ‘Moreland has a thriving arts community, and the Moreland Summer Show presents a cross section of its switched-on, creative and engaging visual arts practitioners.”
Established artists who base their practice in the municipality of Moreland such as Wendy Black, Megan Cope, Nick Devlin and Jordan Marani and emerging talents like Rushdi Anwar, Janelle Low, Steaphan Paton and Belinda Wiltshire come together in this much anticipated fixture of the Counihan Gallery program.

The approaches of artists are many and varied. Fleur Summers uses the traditional implements of activism – the placard and megaphone – with a mirror like surface to provoke our political conscience. Sarah Field uses assembled sculpture and domestic utensils to comment on the female body as a commodity and site of violence. Ben Sheppard re-imagines a seemingly innocuous spider as an alternative Australian symbolic motif and Julian Di Martino looks locally with his witty homage to public transport and opposition to the proposed East West Link.