Street of Stars – Live at The Laneway

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Street of Stars is a small band that that started from close friends, Steph and Leah, who love to play music. Together, they perform a range of acoustic covers, from classic rock to modern pop, from country to soul. They find it such a rewarding and enjoyable experience, even if people walk passed and don’t throw a coin in (they can see you holding your wallets!) it’s all worth “shivering on the cold days to see someone smile because they recognise a song, or just enjoy listening to the live music”. One of their most favourite experiences is when a young girl danced along with her father to their cover of ‘Shut Up and Dance’ by Walk The Moon. It’s these instances that make them want to keep performing here.

Stephanie has been playing guitar for three years and loves to jam. Busking is a fun and exciting two hours each session that she talking about all the time. Alongside her, Leah, having studying music for eight years now, sings and has fun with the tambourine. They perform passionately, finding immense joy in playing music. Plugged into a Roland Cube Street EX amplifier, they provide a clear quality sound.
They put a lot of effort into their performances, rehearsing all the time so they can give shoppers, employers and all other passers-by at Barkly Square with live music that you find pleasing.

‘Busking at the Laneway in Barkly Square has become our favourite part of the week and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do’.

Thank you for taking the time to read about us! Tell your friends and family about us!

Leah and Stephanie.

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