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Clucky’s Wreath

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Free-range egg carton (happy hens make happy craft)
Yellow poster board (or another colour for your flower centers)
Green construction paper
Paint – in two colours for the flowers
String (Hemp is perfect)
Hole punch
Metal skewer (like a cake tester)


1. Cut the carton so you have each egg holder as a separate piece – these are your flowers, eight in total for a bread and butter plate sized wreath.
2. Carefully skewer the middle of each flower and wiggle it around – now you have your flower center (younger kids will need help with this.)
3. Cut the petals and spread the flower by flattening slightly.
4. Take your poster board and trace around a plate.
5. Freehand a larger circle outside this one, around 3cm out.
6. Cut out the outside circle
7. Make a hole in the middle of the inner circle to work your way to cutting out this one.
8. Paint alternate flowers so you have three colours in total, including the carton colour if you like.
9. While the paint dries, draw some leaves around 5cm long, and cut them out.
10. Next, plan your wreath in the dry.
11. Glue your yellow poster board and start laying your foliage.
12. Cut around 20cm of string and wait for the glue to dry.
13. Hole punch a a leaf, thread your string, tie a knot and you’ve got a super colourful decoration to catch the Easter Bunny’s eye.

You’re sure to be rewarded with extra treats!

Craft Instructions and Photography by Heidi Atkins