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EB’s Little Helpers

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Empty toilet rolls (one makes one bunny)
Paint and brushes
Decorative ribbon
Chocolate Easter eggs, roughly 4cm in diameter, (it’ll need to fit in the top of the toilet roll/ bunny’s head.)


1. Cut the toilet roll in half.  One half will become the bunny’s body and the other the ears.
2. Cut the ears out in proportion to the body.
3. Decide what colour you’d like your body and ears (go multi colour for extra Easter cheer.)
4. Paint the body and ears and let them dry.
5. Open an Easter egg and eat it for inspiration.
6. Staple on your whiskers
7. Glue on the eyes and nose (use a glue gun if you have one, otherwise just arrange a good drying position – lying down and balanced so it can’t roll.)
8. Add the decorative ribbon.
9. Place an egg in the top of the bunny behind its ears and give it to someone you love, or save it for yourself.

Craft Instructions and Photography by Heidi Atkins