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Fluffy Thumpers

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Paint (skin friendly) and brushes
Cotton balls (one bag per bunny)
Thick white card, (something to hold up the weight of the head and the bulk cotton balls. Think 2 x ovals, a head at 15cm x 20cm and body 20cm tall.)
White paper for the footprints – 4 per bunny
Towel and bowl of water to wash feet
A printed picture of your child’s face, roughly 15cm wide and 20cm tall.


1. If you’ve got kids under the age of four or carpet that you cherish, you’ll probably want to do this one outside. But first print out a picture of your child’s face.
2. Stick the face onto the thick card and cut out leaving a 3cm barrier around the outside for glueing cotton balls.
3. Cut out the body oval – around 20cm tall.
4. Get the paint ready – perhaps two colours, one for the ears and one for the bunny paws.
5. Let the kids paint their own feet or you can help them do it. This is probably the most delicious part: listening to their giggles, it’s a lovely cool ticklish sensation for them, no matter what age.
6. Place the foot slowly down on the white paper being careful not to slide it out. 
7. Wash and dry feet.
8. Glue around the head border and start applying the cotton balls, using some pressure to stick them down.
9. Glue the back of the bottom section of the head and stick onto the top of the body.
10. Cover the body with glue and stick on your fluffy tummy.
11. When the paint’s dry, cut out the feet.
12. Glue the back of the feet for the paws and stick onto the tummy.
13. Glue the front bottom of the feet/ears and stick to the back of the top of the head.
14. Giggle each time you look at this gorgeous keepsake, one you might struggle to gift out.

Craft Instructions and Photography by Heidi Atkins