The Laneway Live Program

Barkly Square’s Laneway is an official venue of the Brunswick Music Festival and hosting numerous live performances free to the public.

Sunday 1st March 2015, 12pm –   5pm Artist
Act 1: The Peanuts
Act 2: Bobby and The Pins
Act 3: The Willie Wagtails
Act 4: Uptown Brown
Act 5: Trio Agogo
Thursday 5 March, 12pm – 3pm Artist
Act 1: Jesse Hooper & Maddison MacNamara
Act 2: Ceeko
Friday 6 March   
Act 1: Brunswick Blue Grass Collective
Act 2: Emilee South
Saturday 7 March  
Act 1: Eamon and Dudi Project
Act 2: Reflejos
Friday 13 March  
Act 1: Philemon
Act 2: Brooke Russell And The Mean Reds
Saturday 14th March  
Act 1: Broads
Act 2: Tobias Hengeveld