Raw Hazelnut Fudge

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1. THE BASE: Blend sunflower kernels until a nut butter consistency forms (about 1-3 minutes, depending on blender).
2. Add all base ingredients except hazelnuts and blend to combine. Stir through whole hazelnuts and then press into a lined or silicone slice form using your hands or the back of a spatula. Pop into the freezer.
3. TOPPING: Blend hazelnuts until as smooth as possible.
4. Add remaining topping ingredients and blend until smooth.
5. Remove base from freezer and spread with topping and freeze for half an hour. Cut into slices and refrigerate for when needed.
6. For presentation, sprinkle with crushed dried rose petals.

Tip: double the topping recipe and store excess in a glass jar for homemade raw ‘Nutella’.

Recipe and photography by Jade Walker