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Espresso Bar


He makes some of the best coffee in town. We chat to Mina from Espresso Bar about his passion for one of life’s best pleasures. Have you always been a coffee lover?
Yes! Been Making coffee now for almost 7 years

What are the key ingredients to the perfect coffee?
You need to start with the right tools! The blend of coffee (single origin preferably) and a good quality milk (high protein and fat) makes a significant difference.

The grind of coffee needs to be adjusted to ensure the correct coarseness. Otherwise you will get that awful bitter flavour!

The way milk is stretched differs significantly and this will definitely contribute to a perfect coffee! Finally, LOVE! Regardless of how good it looks, if it isnt made with love, it just wont taste the best!
My personal test for a perfect coffee – if you feel thirsty or you need a drink of water after a coffee, its most possibly burnt and not a good coffee!

Are you married and do you have children?
Yes, I am married but hopefully can have children in the near future.

What’s the last great meal you had?
Gosha Seafood Restaurant in Seminyak Bali! Amazing!!

What’s your favourite thing about Brunswick?
The Cafe and coffee culture! I think it has an awesome reputation for hospitality.

If we opened your fridge what would be find in there?
CHOCOLATE!! And Coke Zero….

Are you are cat or dog person?
Dog! I have 2 pugs and my wife has 2 Japanese Spitz dogs!