West Brunswick Amateur Football Club

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West Brunswick Amateur Football Club (WBAFC), established in 1959, is a club with a rich history. Although an old club, it has moved with the times and is progressive in its outlook and culture. From the top down the club promotes a culture of acceptance, respectfulness, open mindedness and positivity, providing a welcoming atmosphere for all players, from those who have played their whole lives, to those wanted to try out the game of Aussie Rules for the first time.

Located on Park Street, Parkville, the club has enjoyed much success in recent years, winning two senior premierships and a reserves premiership to progress to Division 2 in the Victorian Amateur Football Association (VAFA). The club has also grown off the field, from only two sides in 2014 to fielding a third Men’s side and forming a Women’s team. The women’s team will compete in this year’s inaugural VAFA Women’s League.

Funds raised will go towards equipment and associated costs in setting up the inaugural Women’s side in 2017. As a club they would like to remove barriers to participation for players, who in many cases are playing the sport for the first time. The fees for female players have been reduced from that of their male counterparts, but WBAFC want to invest more in women’s football so that it can be sustainable and become an integral part of the club for years to come, providing the opportunity for many more women to play the sport they love.

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