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Meet Our Owners – ISPT


ISPT was founded in 1994 by four leading industry superannuation funds, in order to build everyday Australians’ retirement savings through property.

Just a year later, ISPT bought Barkly square in 1995. Barkly Square is a part of the ISPT portfolio because of the fund’s commitment to creating places that reflect the interests and activities of the area they operate in, to help places like Brunswick grow and thrive.

ISPT invests the retirement savings of over 50% of Australian workers in property like Barkly Square. So, chances are, you probably own a bit of Barkly Square, and ISPT’s other 130+ properties around Australia.

No matter which super fund you’re with, by shopping at Barkly Square, you’re contributing to the retirement savings of millions of Australians.

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