Barkly Bees



The Buzzing Barkly Bees

Barkly Bees call our rooftop home.

With guidance from Backyard Honey, we have 4 bee hives safely nestled on our rooftop.

Barkly Bees is not only an excellent environmental initiative for the centre, there are also plans to harvest the by-product, as successful hives can reap up to 10kg of honey! Into the future, we are planning to have Barkly Bees Honey for retail sale.

The bee hives can be viewed from level 1 of the Centre, perfectly placed near a viewing window.

Future plans for the area where the bee hives are, include production and installation of a mural.

The mural is currently in the planning stages with ‘The Torch’ – a local organisation that provides artistic support to Indigenous offenders and ex-offenders in Victoria.

Did you know:

Beehives and bee activity is important to the environment, simply because bees pollinate plants.

Approximately 85% of the food crops we eat are flowering plants – and these plants need to be pollinated. This pollination is done by the European Honey Bee.

Did you know that by having roof top bees at Barkly Square, it’s considered Urban Farming.

Barkly Bees can travel up to 5km and it’s likely they would visit the gardens around the likes of Princes Park, Edinburgh Gardens and Royal Park.