Sparkly Bear!

Have you seen him yet? … Our big, bronzed bear named Sparkly has finally arrived! Sparkly Bear was created by world-famous artists Gillie and Marc, and is part of a heartwarming global movement by the artists, titled Travel Everywhere with Love. “Humans share this planet together, and we should all be supporting one another,” says artist Marc, “We know that millions of people feel the same way, so we launched Travel Everywhere With Love – to help keep minds open and love flowing.” “Without a definitive race, religion, or culture, our hybrid characters like Sparkly Bear represent all people as one,” Gillie explains. The artists’ are passionate activists, who use their work to raise critical awareness for the causes and charities they support. With their works displayed in over 40 cities, including New York, London, Singapore, Shanghai, Sydney and Beijing; we at Barkly Square are SUPER excited to showcase this AMAZING piece in our very own Laneway. Sparkly Bear now stands in Barkly Square to let visitors and residents from all-walks-of-life know that they’re welcome here. When you see the sculpture, be sure to take a photo and share it with the hashtag #sparklybear and #TravelEverywherewithLove

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Photography by: Mark Canlas